There's another discount grocery store planning to close an Illinois location and it could happen in less than two weeks, according to reports.

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Even as we've turned the calendar into 2024, it's starting to feel like 2023 with the announcement of more stores closing in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Illinois Neighborhoods Are Losing Their Grocery Stores

Some communities in the Land of Lincoln are becoming food deserts with more and more closures of grocery stores being announced.


Over 400 Albertsons and Kroger stores will be closed by the end of the year as the parent company of Piggly Wiggly purchases the locations, including 14 in Illinois.

Another Grocery Store Closing in Illinois Within 2 Weeks

According to a report in Supermarket News, neighbors in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood protested the closure of a Save-A-Lot after it was replaced by a Whole Foods market. The move allegedly done by the parent company Yellow Banana.

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Yellow Banana's company website says they are a "retail grocery platform that owns and operates 38 stores" in the midwestern cities of Chicago, Milwaukee and Cleveland. Stores are also in Jacksonville, Florida and in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.

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Now there's been an announcement of another Yellow Banana store that will close a store in an Illinois neighborhood before the end of this month (February).

Save-A-Lot Will Close Store in Illinois Village Within The Next 14 Days

The Village of Richton Park will lose their Save A Lot grocery store "in about two weeks," according to a Fox32 report on January 31, 2024.

Save A Lot at 3736 Sauk Trail in Richton Park has been in business at that location for 17 years, according to the report.

While there's no immediate replacement announced for the location when Save A Lot closes, the Village of Richton said "there is an opportunity for a new, specialty grocery store to move in," according to the Fox32 story.

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