Did you play along this past week and miss an answer to one of my Q98.5 Afternoon Mindbender questions? You can find all the answers for the past week’s trivia questions here.

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Q98.5 AFTERNOON MINDENDER QUESTIONS (week of 11/09 – 11/13)

Monday's Question: Three new toys were inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame. The Super Soaker, the toy puppet and this Parlor game that was once deemed too “hot” for the Sears Catalog?

Answer: The game, Twister

Winner: Heath from Roscoe

Tuesday's Question: THIS is the biggest holiday shopping pet peeve. What is it?

Answer: Long Lines

Winner: Eric from Rockford

Wednesday’s Question: What flower is a symbol of Veterans Day?

Answer: The Poppy

Winner: Christa from Belvidere

Thursday’s Question: Name the windiest continent on Earth.

Answer: Antarctica: Wind speeds of up to 200 mph are common at A Place called George V Land, which is a is a segment of Antarctica

Winner: Jessica From Stillman Valley

Friday’s Question: At some point this week, 12% of people will burn themselves with THIS. What is it?

Answer: A Pizza

Winner: Jenny from Dakota

Congratulations to all our winners!