When your kid loves an electronic toy and it suddenly stops working, it's bad. Depending on the level of their obsession with the broken toy, this could be grounds for a full-blown nuclear meltdown and no parent wants to see, or deal, with all of that.

At my house we currently have a dog and a horse that are not working even after we have changed the batteries numerous times, and my kids are NOT happy about the likelihood of those toys ending up in the garbage. Thank goodness Armor Techs in DeKalb is coming to the rescue this holiday season.

Seriously, I think this service is incredibly genius and generous and I will totally have to take advantage of it this month.


Armor Techs is an IT store located at 143 E Lincoln Hwy in DeKalb, and according to WIFR, they have been offering to fix broken toys (and parents' sanity) during the holiday season for a couple years now.

Armor Techs employee Elizabeth Johnson told WIFR;

"We are looking at the connectors, making sure that the batteries and making sure that everything we can possibly touch is making the connection we can get it back up in working order

Armor Techs will be offering this free toy fixing service through the end of December, so check those toy boxes now!

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