I know many people who have, or currently work at the Chrysler Plant in Belvidere. I also know a lot of people who were laid off from the Chrysler Plant, so when I saw yesterday that a new agreement had been reached between Fiat Chrysler and the United Auto Workers union that would create nearly 8,000 new jobs, I was happy to hear the news.

Yes, it is positive news for Fiat Chrysler, just not so much for the job situation in Belvidere. According to WREX;

The company says it builds on its success, with $9 billion in investment and creates 7,900 new or secured jobs. FCA says it has created 6,500 new UAW-represented jobs in the last four years and will add 1,400 more jobs in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. In a press release sent Wednesday, the company also added that it has more UAW-represented jobs than any other manufacturer.

When 13 WREX reached out to FCA to ask if any of those 1,400 jobs would be coming to Belvidere, the a company spokesperson said in part, "At this time, we do not expect to create any new jobs there."

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