A major cause for over 9,000 car accidents in Illinois was because of debris and garbage scattered on the roads.

Have you ever gotten behind a trailer that's full of junk and notice that the items are just haphazardly piled in there. They aren't tied down or secured?

Well that my friends is just an accident waiting to happen.

Many times, the accident, is exactly the end result.

According to a report from Illinois Department of Transportation that NBC Chicago shared that between 2012 and 2016, over "9,000 accidents have resulted in more than 1,500 people injured" from debris on the roadways.

Currently, in 2017, 17 deaths have been a result of hitting junk that's fallen off vehicles, trucks and trailers.

IDOT has maintenance crews that are sent out daily to scoop up trash and other items that are left on the roads. They've picked up items from "kitchen sinks, furniture, dressers, mattresses" and more.

"IDOT urges all drivers to properly secure the loads to account for the high travel speeds on expressways" because "it could become fatal from something very small" falling off the back of your truck bed or trailer or vehicles rooftop.

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