Videos that bring a "holy #$%&!" reaction never get old. One can only be so lucky to be the person who gets the insanity on video if that's the right word. If you do capture something crazy on the video you should understand how rare this is. The not-so-lucky side of the story is physically being involved in the action.

Real-Life Video Game Action?

In December of 2018, someone was in line at a bank in Rockford, Illinois when one of the craziest things happened. I've watched this dash-cam video a dozen times and I still can not figure out what happened. Maybe you can figure it out. It happened at BMO Harris Bank on S. Alpine.

It's hard to see the extent of the damage but it appears as though the vehicle completely jumped the tan car directly in front of it. The only thing more insane than this is the fact that the person in the car ahead was unharmed.

Rob, thank you for putting this video up! I was the person in the car that got run over! It happened so fast. The accident seems worst looking at it from the outside!

The above video pales in comparison to what happened just down the road from the same intersection.

Hit And Run

Before you watch this video be aware there is A LOT of swearing, m-f bombs are dropped like crazy. Rightfully so after you learn what happened prior to hitting the record button.

There's no word on injuries or what happened when the video cuts out but, dang, I bet your jaw is still laying on the ground.

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