According to, the CDC has announced that a deadly drug-resistant fungus called Candida Auris is spreading around health care facilities. Sorry for the gloom and doom but they are now calling it a "Serious global health threat". The fungus goes after people with weakened immune systems and infects their bloodstream. They also went on to say that it is very hard to treat and even identify with older technology.

Over 587 cases have been confirmed so far.  Most cases were found in New York and Chicago. In our state, we have 154 confirmed cases. The health department stated that 1 in 3 people die from this infection. To make things worse, this fungus is resistant to standard cleaning methods that hospitals use. Dr. Todd Ellerin, an infectious disease specialist, said: "If we don't change the way we clean rooms, then the Candida will hang out there and it could potentially infect the next person that goes into that room".

They say that people who have spent some time at a nursing home lately and have things like breathing tubes and catheters are at the highest risk for getting the infection. This fungus affects people of all ages, from infant to the elderly. For more information on this fungus Visit the CDC website.

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