Fairdale is located in Northwest DeKalb County and was at the epicenter of Thursday's tornado damage.

The small town of Fairdale, which is located east of Monroe Center on Rt 72 was devastated by this strong tornado. The tornado moved through Fairdale shortly after 7:00 Thursday evening.

Stunning photos from Thursday's tornado disaster in Fairdale

WIFR-TV is reporting that a 67-year-old woman is dead and at least eleven people are hospitalized as a result of Thursday's tornado. The twister damaged all 50 homes in the town. Rescue crews continued to sift through the damage and search for survivors into the early hours of Friday morning.

DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott told WIFR-TV that last night's rescues were a collaborative effort. He said

The first step obviously is trying to get to the immediate needs of the people that you see and our officers were doing that when they got here and then calling in assistance from other agencies to secure the area and try to figure out where we're at of course it's dark. We're maneuvering through all of that

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families in Fairdale.