Mountain Dew's late 2013 commercial stars Dale Earnhardt, Jr., third generation NASCAR driver. It also features a country star's song that's a perfect accompaniment to both the addictive carbonated beverage and the fast-paced driver. So, what's the song?

Brantley Gilbert's 'Hell on Wheels' is featured in the 2013 Mountain Dew commercial.

It's no surprise for the racing star to get front-running treatment, as Diet Mountain Dew is one of his partners and the Mountain Dew brand has a long history with NASCAR. But when you add Gilbert to the mix, it's the perfect blend of fast cars, the singer's gravelly voice and a whole lot of fun.

The Mountain Dew clip begins with a closeup shot of Earnhardt wearing what we wears best -- a racing uniform -- and emblazoned across his chest is the Mountain Dew symbol. As the camera pans out, Gilbert's dangerous-sounding track begins playing, and you are able to see what the racer is sitting on: an intricate, futuristic-looking throne.

As the singer shouts "C'mon" in the song, Earnhardt takes a swig of the neon-colored, highly caffeinated beverage, surrounded by a crew of people in the familiar green color, including two gorgeous girls who slowly raise the checkered NASCAR flags.

Controlled chaos begins erupting (literally) in slow motion. Mountain Dew explodes out of bottles, four-wheelers with their drivers fly through the air. There's even one guy sitting in a chest of ice, covered with nothing but the ice.

Then, the 2014 Taste of Country Festival headliner's familiar vocals round out the commercial as he sings, "This is how the big dogs run / Boy you're ridin' shotgun / Buckle up, and let's have some fun." Four tires scrawled with 'This Is How We Dew' are visible as the commercial closes out. It's energetic, it's racy (no pun intended), and the country star's outlaw attitude brings a little bit of danger to the scene. Plus, how can you go wrong with a commercial starring Earnhardt and a song titled 'Hell on Wheels'?

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