We haven't even officially kicked off our 3rd annual Million Pennies for St. Jude Kids quest yet, but students at Dakota High School just gave us a HUGE head start on the mission this week.

Earlier this week our Promotions Director Priscilla received a call from a teacher at Dakota High School named Kathy who said her students had a competition to see who could collect the most pennies for St. Jude kids, and that they were wondering how to get the fruits of their labors to us. What Priscilla saw when she went to the school to get them, literally made our mouths drop open.

The "some pennies" Dakota High School collected added up to 600 pounds of copper treasure for St. Jude kids!!!

Dakota High School Pennies 1
Dakota High School Pennies 2
Dakota High School Pennies 3

The 600 pounds of pennies collected by DHS students added up to $1,160.26 and was graciously counted and cashed in by Liz and Chelsey of the State Bank of Davis. (It took those two ladies over an hour and a half to load them into the change counter to count them all!)

The words "thank you" seem so insignificant when it comes to declaring our gratitude to everyone who had a part in this awesome donation to St. Jude from Dakota High School. God Bless, and thank you all!

Now...keep 'em comin', Rockford!

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