With Valentine's day coming up everything is all about love and couples, but what about us unattached singles? Don't we count?

Well Dairy Queen is offering us singles with a very special treat.

Introducing the Singles Blizzard!



To #treatyoself is to love yourself. #BreaktheCliche this VDAY with the new Singles BLIZZARD treat filled with indulgent...

Posted by Dairy Queen on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"According to the company, 50 percent of singles classify themselves as “Proud Singles” on Valentine’s Day and are ready to break the “Sad Single” cliché, yet only 24 percent of all singles treat themselves to a gift on the holiday." (WGN)

The company said they wan us singles to be "single and proud this VDAY. Celebrate your status with the new Singles BLIZZARD treat. Featuring indulgent ingredients just for you, like cocoa fudge, peanut butter cups, peanut butter and salted caramel truffles. #BreakTheCliche"

All I can say is yum!

You can purchase your tasty treat now through Valentine's day.

Thank you Dairy Queen for not forgetting about us single people. You really did make us feel special.

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