If your kids forgot you on Father's Day, take comfort in the fact that they owe you more than a tie or shirt anyway. Here's why. According to a research project, and Cafemom.com, fathers have a major role in how smart their kids are, how well-balanced they are, how well they eat, how popular they are and more. Here are 6 ways Dads influence their kids:

1) The way father's talk to their kids while at play time and dinner, help to influence language and IQ Scores.

2) Fathers help to establish and influence morals for daughters and sons alike.

3) Fathers influence behavior and ways to handle life lessons, depression and happiness.

4) Fathers influence eating habits.

5) Fathers can help influence popularity thru confidence, emotional security and social connections.

6) Fathers set the tone when it comes to gender equality and are more likely to have daughters with career ambitions if they are involved.

Bottom line to me is simple. Be there for them, respect them, show respect and trust them even though at time it's hard. Mix in unconditional love, and you'll be a great DAD.

Happy Father's Day to all Dad's EVERYWHERE!

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