Everyone knows that Rockford gets a bum rap on the internet. Most of the negative videos I've seen are years old though, way before the downtown revitalization began. Rockford has seen its fair share of crime though. I remember googling the city before I moved here. I have to say its a much better place than what it is perceived as online. Last year, the Chicago Tribune had some really great things to say about Rockford and how we're growing and on the up and up.

Well, we have some more great news for you. According to WIFR.com, crime rates in Rockford are on a downward slope. Less violent crimes have been committed here in our city. Down actually 22%. last year from January to March, we had 445 violent crimes. This year we are at 348. Robberies are down too. 35 % less this year compared to last year. Property crimes are also down 20%. This year, Aggravated assaults are down 16 %. Auto thefts are also on the decline at 28% less this year. Lastly, when it comes to shots fired, that's down too at 20% less. No matter what you think about Rockford, the numbers don't lie. I am extremely happy that I brought my family here.

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