We all know some of country's top stars earn big bucks, but a new article breaks it down in a startling way.

Skyrange has posted an article that lists the top money-making musical artists of 2014, breaking down their earnings by the second. Among the usual suspects like Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga are four names more familiar to country fans.

Toby Keith was the highest-earning country star of 2014, hauling in $65 million -- which breaks down to $2.06 per second. Despite taking the year off from touring, Kenny Chesney earned $44 million, which netted him $1.40 every second -- that's $5,040 per hour!

Jason Aldean came in third with $37 million, pocketing $1.17 per second, while Luke Bryan earned $34 million in 2014, taking home $1.07 each second.

Other big names like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John also made the list, but perhaps the most surprising was rapper Dr. Dre, who topped not only 2014's list, but actually earned the largest single-year income in the history of music after selling Beats headphones to Apple. Dre raked in a whopping $620 million in 2014, which breaks down to $19.66 per second.

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