An iconic store that is based in neighboring Hoffman Estates is losing more money and that could mean the end of shopping for this store in Rockford. 

Sears store entrance. Sears, Roebuck & Co. is an American
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Sears came out with its financial report and for the fifth quarter in a row, the company is losing money. Sales are also trending down, which is not good for the company.

According to a recent article, executives are going to speed up the process of closing underperforming stores in the United States. There is no public data that shows that any stores locally, including the Sears at Cherry Vale Mall, are underperforming.

Kmart To Close 64 Of Its Stores
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Also, Kmart stores are under the Sears umbrella. There have been many of those stores across the country closing.

Both stores are known for selling brands like Kenmore and Craftsman. There are also reports that the Hoffman Estates business is looking to spin off those brands. As a consumer who grew up with Kenmore washers and Craftsman tools, I would hate to see those go away.

What is the big reason for the revenue loss and sales drop? Sears was known as the store that came out with a catalog every 6 months. Especially around this time of year. Now, catalogs have been replaced by the internet, and with so many other places to shop both online and offline, Sears and Kmart are the odd stores out.

I don't want to see Sears leave. Experts say it is only a matter of time before Sears and Kmart are no more. Maybe they can pull of a Christmas miracle and get back to greatness.

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