The last standing Sears in Chicago said goodbye forever this Sunday.

WGN shares that for over the last 100 years Sears has been a fixture in the Windy City.

However, it will only be memories for many of now as the last and final store closed it's doors yesterday,.

This Sears, known as the 6 Corners store, is the most historic as it opened during the great depression and stood the test of time for 80 years.

Well I guess I should say it stood that long until now. It's just another "sign of the financial problems facing what was once an iconic retailer. Sears has lost $11.2 billion since 2010, its last profitable year. Sales have plunged 60% in that time."

Wow! That's so bad and sad at the same time.

To see this giant of a box store that began with catalog sales and basically was synonymous with Chicago, even have a building named after it. Has now been reduced to almost rubble as it now has less than 1,00 stores. Those 1,000 also include Kmarts when they merged the brands back in 2005.

You almost can't fathom it.

So what's on the horizon for this historical location?

"A real estate firm has plans to turn it into a mixed development of stores and apartments."

Well I hope it does well and doesn't sit like a vacant eyesore as we here in Rockford have grown accustomed too with the closing of our Kmarts.




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