Our annual Chili Shootout is coming up Oct 4th. Little Zim and I just found out we've been elected to cook Q98.5's chili.

Wow! We're gonna need some help cooking chili for a crowd.

Thanks to this online help My Kitchen Calculator. Shannon and I can now plug in our decided upon Chili recipe to convert the batch on a larger scale.

Now for fun part decided on a winning Chili recipe.

I found a few that sounded interesting.

Red Hot Whiskey Chili - Yes it has whiskey in it! It's from Midwest Living too, so it's got to be good.

Whiskey Chili - Yep this has whiskey too. Not as flaming hot as the other recipe, but still looks tasty.

Or What about this one?

Beef and Beer Chili - This asks for Budweiser as an ingredient. Hey, Budweiser is our sponsor. Hmmm... I think we'll need to ask them for a keg. Some for us some for the chili.

Oh my goodness! There's so many choices we have to make between now and next Saturday October 4th.

Make plans to join us at Aviators Stadium for Wiff 'N Chili and sample our chili.




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