Wisconsin Senate has passed a bill that would allow people to carry concealed switchblades and knives of any length. Details here on the measure.


Wisconsin just passed a measure on Wednesday with no debate. The Assembly passed the bill in November; it now goes to Gov. Scott Walker for approval. Here are the details.

According to WREX TV-13, "Manufacturing, selling, transporting, purchasing or possessing a switchblade has been illegal in Wisconsin for decades. Violators are subject to $10,000 in fines and nine months in jail. The Republican-authored bill would eliminate the prohibition as well as allow anyone who can legally possess a gun to carry concealed knives of any length without a concealed carry license".


John Moore, Getty Images


This battle is going to be interesting for the rest of the United States at a time when tensions are high during a 'presidential' year. The other part of the measure assures that local governments cannot enact their own knife regulations stricter than Wisconsin state law.

It's now up to the Governor. Stay tuned.