This winter has been so bad. Not only with the frigid temperatures but with the electricity to heat our homes.

ComEd is offering to help some of their customers out with the paying of their bill.

Wow! Can I get a hand too?

I just opened my bill yesterday and immediately regretted looking at it. Yikes!

I swear I hear the electric meter making a loud "Whirring" noise.

WIFR reports that ComEd will offer assistance to "military families, veterans, seniors and families facing financial hardships" through their Future Energy Jobs Act.

This program allows eligible ComEd customers to receive a care grant to help in alleviating the pain of paying for their higher bill through the $10 million dollars that's available.

To apply for ComEd's assistance and to see if you qualify  visit " or call 1-888-806-2273."

Well it's worth finding out if you can get a little help in paying down those bills right?

I'd certainly look into it.






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