When the ice storm moved through the Rockford region on Wednesday afternoon, some neighborhoods lost power almost immediately due to ice on power transmission lines and ice-covered falling tree branches pulling some down.

As of 10 pm on Thursday evening, a large portion of those customers who lost power on Wednesday (2/22) are still sitting in the dark.

According to the outage map from ComEd, over 30,000 customers were still affected by the power outage, and many estimates on when service is expected to be restored are show Saturday (2/25).

What to do while the power is out to keep you and your family entertained?

Here are 15 fun activities and games that will keep you and the kids busy so that time will go by faster while you're anxiously awaiting for the power to come back on:

Things to Stay Entertained During An Illinois Power Outage

Things to Stay Entertained During An Illinois Power Outage

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