There are 131 institutions of higher learning in Illinois. The college you attend could forecast how much you will earn once your graduate and are settled into your chosen profession.

Saint Anthony College of Nursing was the only Stateline School to make the Top 10 list

NBC 5 reports that over the weekend, President Barack Obama revealed a new data search website that contains information on every college and university in the country, including the average earnings of graduates 10 years after they receive bachelor's degree

Rush University landed on top for highest earnings after graduation. Graduates from the Chicago university earn an average of $74,300 10 years after they receive their diplomas.

Keep in mind these are not salaries straight out of college, but the salary that college graduates of each of these schools will average ten years after they graduate.


1. Rush University — $74,300
2. Illinois Institute of Technology — $68,200
3. Northwestern University — $64,100
4. University of Chicago — $62,800
5. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — $56,600
6. Chamberlain College of Nursing-Illinois — $56,300
7. Saint Anthony College of Nursing — $54,900
8. Illinois Wesleyan University — $54,600
9. University of Phoenix-Chicago Campus — $53,400
10 Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing — $52,900

The President revealed a new website, called College Scorecard. The site is designed to  break down the data by state to help in-state students narrow down their choices.

As far as two year schools go, the College of DuPage took top honors for those institutions where earnings exceed those of the typical two-year college. The Average C.O.D. student can expect to earn $35,000.00 annually