Did a U of I professor find a cure for cancer? According to WCIA, "A miracle cure could be on its way for one of the deadliest forms of cancer, and it was created right in our own backyard."

The PAC-1 drug was discovered over 10 years ago and was used to treat our animals. Now, doctors believe it could work on humans. It's in the early stages when it comes to you and I but it has a very successful track record when it comes to our pets. "We discovered the compound over 10 years ago, and that was just cancer cells in a dish basically, and it had a pretty unusual way of killing cancer cells that were pretty interesting," Dr. Hergenrother explained the process.

That may be one of the most hopeful quotes dealing with cancer I've ever heard. With all the money thrown to organizations trying to find a cure, you don't really get a lot of hope speaking to anyone about it. Except for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. What they've been able to accomplish is nothing short of fantastic.

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