When it comes to driving, you must always be alert and practice "defensive driving skills". That also means not running red lights. Which Illinois city is among the top 5 in the country for running red lights? Find out here.


With the report of a two car collision in Loves Park the other day at the intersection of Alpine and Harlem, Loves Park Police stated that a Chevy Suburban blew thru flashing red lights at the intersection and T-boned a Honda Odyssey.

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Running red lights, flashing red lights, or even yellow caution stoplights is an ongoing problem in America. Rockford, Loves Park and the Stateline are not alone.

Chicago has made the list of cities with the highest number of red-light fatalities between 2004 and 2013 number five for these type of accidents.

According to National Coalition For Safer Roads, here are the Top 5 cities in America when it comes to running red-lights.

1) Houston, Texas
2) Phoenix, Az
3) Los Angeles, Ca
4) Las Vegas, NV
5) Chicago, Illinois

People lose loved ones to red-light runners everyday. New technology is being added to intersections in the Stateline in hopes of putting and end to such reckless driving.

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Reasons for running the red lights can include texting, cell phone conversations, trying to get somewhere fast, and sad to say, playing with instruments on the dashboard.

Adding technology to monitor intersections is one direction to preventing running red lights. Th answer simply is not only adding technology. The answer is in all of us. Please pay attention and drive safely. Your life depends upon it.

As I remind my family, driving is a privileged, not a right.