Combating cravings for sweet and salty things is a daily struggle for me. Throw in the extra hormones during "that time of the month," and the struggle gets evens more real. Who knew that a slice of pie (or two) was all I needed for satisfaction? Ladies, I think you're gonna love this. 

While surfing the web the other day, I came across something that brought me to an abrupt halt; a recipe for "PMS Pie."

Say what?!?

Move over Motrin, there's a way cooler and more delicious savior in town.

PMS Pie is basically layers of potato chip crust in between chocolate chips with a salted caramel topping. Ladies, does this not sound like the ultimate answer for salty-sweet cravings?!? Best part is, you can customize it to better fit your PMS cravings. For instance, if you crave peanut butter, add that in. If you crave ice cream, put some big ole scoops on top of your pie and enjoy!

Get the Cupcake Project's Chocolate Potato Chip PMS Pie recipe here.

Is it just my hormones, or does this sound weirdly delicious to you too?