Good news to all the Chipotle fans.

No more worries about any GMO foods being served. The restaurant is GMO free.

GMO's, Genetically Modified Organism food, are a hot topic. Although studies are still being done on it's long term effects. Many shy away from the altered food sources claiming that they cause other diseases and health problems down the line.

The head of the Food and Drug Administration’s food safety center has said  there's no basis that GMOs pose any different safety concerns than foods developed by traditional plant breeding.

However, Chipotle CEO, according to this WGN news article, said that the company felt it was best not to use GMOs given the “lack of consensus” about their effects.

No worries now when going in and order those burritos the size of your head. You know you're eating free, clean and healthy foods.

Mmm, doesn't that sound good right now? I could go for a burrito bowl. Yum!