Murphy's First Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Do you feel like that law applies to your life? You're not alone, I'm right there with you.

Once a month Shannon "Lil Zim" Zimmerman and I are invited to the WTVO/FOX-39 studios for a Good Day Stateline segment.

Good Day Stateline brightens your weekday evenings every day at 5:30pm on Fox 39! (@GoodDayStateline via Twitter)

I should mention how much TV and I aren't compatible? It's not just having a face for radio I'm also incredibly awkward in front of a camera. (Go figure.) Not only that but I'm a walking example of what can happen will happen.

Here's an example.

During our last appearance with Michelle on GDS, we were in the studio for our monthly "Spirit Day" segment, which usually involves a cocktail, to make a mocktail as a way to promote the upcoming St. Jude Children's Hospital Radiothon, which is on February 10 & 11.

While making this mocktail I thought, "eh, what the heck, let's spike it with Rush Creek vodka. Karma must have been lurking in the shadows because disaster was about to strike in front of three different TV cameras.

Look closely...


I assumed the soda water had been sitting there long enough as to not explode upon opening. As you see in the above still-shot, never assume.

The soda water erupted all over the set, onto the countertop, onto Michelle's notes, the floor, the set wall, and my shoes. All caught on video that would not be edited because that's the general rule for GDS.

Bad luck in the building?

Some bad luck may have been left behind because on the morning this article was written another explosion took place inside that very building.

Five minutes before the team on EyeWitness News was about to go live morning meteorologist Joe Marino split his pants and had to do a QUICK wardrobe change.

How did this happen? He was making a video for TikTok.

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