2020 is actually starting to look better as more and more pop-up events are well, popping up in the Midwest.

Last week I told you about the Friends TV Show experience that's coming to Chicago later this month and today we're taking things back further to a movie from the '80s, 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids.'

This is one of those movies I know I've seen plenty of times, but I was so young I should probably watch it again before I decide to head on over to the pop-up bar in Chicago.

The pop-up is coming to 'The Sixth' on Lawrence Avenue in Lincoln Square and will feature a ton of food and drink specials centered around the classic movie.

My favorite part is that they're going to have giant toys so that when you walk in, you feel like you've been shrunk.

The ice cubes that are supposed to look like people are shrunk inside the drinks are pretty awesome too.

Honestly, there's another great part to this bar, the fact that they are doing 'to-go' as well if you're not cool with hanging inside just yet but want to try out the fun at home.

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