If you always thought a horse and carriage ride down Chicago's Michigan Avenue would be romantic, you better plan on doing it soon.

Those rides may become a thing of the past really soon.

WGN shares that today the city council will meet on decided on whether or not they will allow the horse and carriage owners from renewing the licenses to continue operations of offering their rides.

If the decision is made to not let them renew their licenses then effective immediately horse and carriage rides will be banned from the Windy City forever.

Why is this such a big deal? Aren't the rides part of the nostalgia of enjoying the atmosphere of Chicago?

Apparently, "those in favor of banning carriages cite safety concerns as well as the welfare of the horses." However, "carriage owners say the horses are well cared for and their presence adds charm to the Magnificent Mile."

I don't know about you but honestly I don't see why having horse and carriage rides is such a bad thing.

You know maybe if Chicago bans those businesses, Rockford could attract them to come here as we continue to build up our city's downtown.




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