It is no secret, sometimes when the masses unite the store becomes embellished. I hope this is the case for a new beercade in Chicago because the claims are disgusting.

First of all, the business, Headquarters Beercade and Color Cocktail Factory, in the Chicago neighborhood (Pilsen) isn't even open yet, according to FOX 32 Chicago. Despite the business not even opening its doors yet, residents claiming people are going to be drunkenly defecating everywhere. I mean, I like a cocktail or two just as much as anyone but never once have I had a few and thought, "Hey, this would be a great time and place to drop a deuce."

According to the news report, apparently, residents near the beercade (again, which has yet to open) believe all the patrons will be drunk and fighting.

"The late night fighting - they come out of this building all drunk. They’re defecating in the alleys. . . it’s terrible," one resident said.

Other concerns include parking issues in the area due to the lack of parking lots. But, let's be serious, how about allow to the business to open without unnecessary drama which isn't certain to even take place. And, having been to many different establishments around the country, it's a safe bet that instances of people dropping trow to relieve themselves will not be a regular occurrence.

Headquarters Beercade currently has two other locations operating in the Chicago area. Here's the establishment's Facebook.

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