Hens not laying eggs? Who you going to call... the Chicken Consultant!

It seems as if everyone is raising chickens in their backyards. It is a phenomenon I don't quite understand. Yes, there is nothing better than fresh eggs, which is what I assume you raise chickens for, but please explain to me why.

Maybe it is my irrational fear of a chicken pecking my eyes out while I sleep, or the idea of eating Rodger T. Chicken for dinner during the zombie apocalypse that has me all in a tizzy about the idea.

I have a hard enough time keeping squirrels out of my garden let alone chickens in a contained area.

Back to the point of the story, raising chickens is HOT. It is THE thing to do right now regardless if you live in a rural or urban area.

Sometimes, you just need a professional to talk to in order to understand what this chicken craze is all about.

According to her website, UrbanChickenConsultant, Jennifer is a farmer's granddaughter who loves her birds. She has chickens, geese, turkeys and more. She is extremely passionate about her flock and offers information and resources on chicken care from chick to adult.


She gives tips and tricks on raising chickens and travels the Chicago area to assist others who are raising chickens.

Do you think the Rockford area would benefit from having our very own chicken consultant? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below.


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