The Marvel movie costumes featured at the Chicago exhibit look like they were made for children.

Surprising Observation About Movie Costumes At Marvel Exhibit

My favorite part of the exhibit was also the most surprising.

I can not believe how small the costumes were. The characters on the big screen seem larger than life but in reality, they are quite small. Especially, Tom Holland who plays Spiderman. His costume looks like a child could wear it on Halloween.

I think the biggest one was Thor, played by actor Chris Hemsworth. That one was not even that big.

Those costumes also look very uncomfortable. I do not know how they wear them for hours of filming. Plus, if they have a mask as part of their outfit, I have no idea how they see out of it. That looks very difficult.

The material does not seem soft, so that would be rough on their skin.

Marvel Fans might be surprised by what they witness with those uniforms. I will definitely look at the movies a little differently now.

Big Fans Of The Marvel Universe

We are big Marvel fans. My family will usually go to the opening weekend when a new movie comes out. The television shows are also in regular rotation.

As a kid, I had a bunch of the action figures and watched the cartoons.

Do you remember these toys?

Video: Mego 12 inch Captain America and Hulk Commercial

How about this cartoon?

Video: Spiderman theme song 1960s

The Marvel Exhibit At The Museum Of Science And Industry In Chicago

I took my family to check out the Marvel exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. We loved everything about it.

I took some pictures to share. Check them out now.

Photos of Marvel Exhibit at Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago

Photos of Marvel Exhibit at Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago

That is just a small sample of this amazing exhibit. It is a "must-see" for any Marvel fan.

According to,

"The largest exhibition celebrating the Marvel Universe has landed at MSI. Marvel: Universe of Super-Heroes celebrates Marvel history with more than 300 artifacts including original comic book pages, sculptures, interactive displays, and costumes and props from Marvel’s blockbuster films. Examine the origins of iconic characters such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Hulk, and Captain Marvel and see how they have evolved alongside society over the past 80 years, making these characters a pop culture mainstay. "

I think my favorite part was the movie costumes. It was so cool to see them up close and personal.

Here's a little sneak peek.

Video: Marvel Universe of Super-Heroes exhibition at Museum of Science and Industry with The Legend

For more info about the Marvel exhibit, HERE.

Museum Of Science And Industry

If you do plan on making a trip down to MSI, make sure you check out the "Michael Jordan To The Max" IMAX Movie. That is pretty awesome too. For more info, HERE.

How about a little preview?

Video: Michael Jordan to the Max | IMAX® Documentary | Experience It In IMAX®

For more info about the Museum of Science and Industry, HERE.

Rockford Man's Amazing Star Wars Collection

Rockford Man's Amazing Star Wars Collection

Video: Playing With Hot Wheels At Discovery Center

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