Chicago Blackhawks fans were all abuzz yesterday over the news that Corey Crawford is going to be a Dad, but here's the deal, I'm pretty sure this news is not legit. 

I saw A LOT of my Blackhawk loving friends sharing this post on social media yesterday, and I will admit that it got me too...until I took a closer look at it.

Yes, the picture is blurry, but I think there's a reason for the blurriness; does anyone else think Corey Crawford's head looks photoshopped onto another man's body?

JB Love and I are convinced this picture is fake, so we did a little research. What did we find? Nothing. No other websites are reporting that Crawford and his girlfriend are expecting. No Chicago Blackhawks social media pages are congratulating the couple, which I think they would be if this baby news was legit.

Yes, I get that social figures such as Crawford are entitled to some privacy, and he is certainly not obligated to share news like this with his fans, but I still think we've been duped by a Facebook page gunning for likes and shares. What do you think?



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