When you own a business, the dress code is absolutely your choice, but do you think this is going too far?

Dress codes are generally a pain. I mean, let's face it, having someone dictate what you can or can't wear isn't fun.

But, sometimes it's necessary for safety or keeping order... but I don't think this is one of those times.

A Chicago bar's dress code is going viral today because of the insane amount of rules they have.

It's like they don't really want any customers at Bottled Blonde.

No bad attitudes, that's a good one, same with no animals... that works.

But no matching your shoes to your hat? What?

No deep V-necks... are we talking men or women here... and what about tank tops after 6 p.m. Again I need some clarification.

I am pretty curious why there needs to be a rule posted about compression pants. Also, you can't wear a Bears jersey when they are on a bye week.

What do you think, is this going too far?

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