Let me start by saying that I have high respect for war veterans. My father was a fighting Seabee in Vietnam, and some of the things they've had to go through and see just to fight for our freedom has been immense. I am always happy to see a veteran honored for their service in the military, And Cherry Valley Elementary has done just that. According to mystateline.com, Cherry Valley's school gym has been named after Sergeant Leonard Keller, a decorated Vietnam war veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor for bravery in combat

The school's principal, Carolyn Timm said, " Dedicating the school's gym meant a lot to many people in the community". She also stated that they had a lot of signatures and petitions from people that wanted to recognize and honor a great man. Sergeant Keller was born and raised in the community of Cherry Valley and his daughter Nichole Siccardi said, "Her father would have been humbled by the recognition". Another one of Sergeant Keller's daughters said he had a big heart and he wanted to make sure that everyone around him was taken care of before he took care of himself.

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