If you love everything pizza, and have not tried the house specialty at Angelo's Pizzeria in Dixon, consider this your official challenge.

Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to Angelo's spaghetti pizza...

Angelo's 3 on Facebook
Angelo's 3 on Facebook

Yep, that's totally spaghetti piled on crust and sauce and topped with lots of cheesy goodness, or as Angelo's describes on their website;

This glorious pizza is two amazing meals in one!  Who would think that when Angelo's Pizza paired these two delicious items that it would be such a family hit.  Our famous spaghetti in a deep crust and topped with our spiced sausage and mozzarella to bring you this glorious pie


O.k., I'm officially I will admit that I have never tried Angelo's spaghetti pizza before, but I have tried the pasta pizza at John's Pizza on 11th Street in Rockford, and it is delicious, totally filling, but absolutely delicious. I'm assuming Angelo's will be awesome too because, let's face it, why wouldn't it be, but also because Angelo's is known for their sauce even more than their spaghetti pizza. In fact, people think their sauce is so awesome Angelo's actually sells it by the jar.

Ready for the best part? Angelo's Pizzerias can only be found in Illinois. There's one in Dixon at 800 N Galena Ave.. and two more locations in Sterling and Rock Falls.

Who's in the mood for a road trip this weekend?



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