Next time you head to Galena for a day trip or weekend getaway, you need to check out one of the newer distilleries to the area.

It's right on 20 before you enter the town, and I think it's worth your time to take a look and tour the place.

It's founded by two brothers, Matt and Mike Blaum. The company itself is only 4 years old but in those 4 years the two brother's business has really grown in the whiskey making business.

They produce whiskey, bourbon, gin, rum and vodka. It's about a 45 minute tour which includes a tasting at the end to sample some of their products.

If you like see how things are made and work, or you're a fan of whiskey I would suggest stopping here and checking the place out.

I learned a couple of things about distilling. Something of which I really didn't know much about.

Did you know Gin is made from juniper berries? That's why it has that sort of piney flavor.

Second,Gin is actually made from moonshine that's been aged in a barrel. I didn't know that. I thought they were two different kinds of liquor. Moonshine, obviously being the homemade one.

The tour was informative and the tasting was pretty interesting too.

I tasted their Hellfyre Vodka. Oh my goodness! It's spicy and has a kick to it. It made my tongue tingle. It would be really good in Bloody Mary's. In fact, they said their Bloody Mary's are one of their best sellers. I can see why. If you like heat and things on the spicy side, this is for you.

The Gin with absinthe I sampled, is strong but smooth and to me tasted like licorice.

I also tried their bourbon. It was smooth and sort of tasted like Jameson.

Overall, I can honestly say that I had one of the best birthday weekends, despite having a cold.The weather was great, the drive to Galena was great, and of course checking out this distillery was pretty neat too.

If you'd like to book a tour, it's only $10 for adults, and learn more about Blaum Bros. click here. Plus, you can stay up to date on their new or seasonal products by following them on Facebook at Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. of Galena.



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