Charges have been dropped against Ice Hogs and Chicago Blackhawks player Garret Ross.

The Chicago Tribune is that the accuser is 'devasted' after prosecutors dropped the revenge porn case.  On Tuesday, officials made a determination that Ross was not in Illinois at the time he allegedly texted a compromising video of a woman. Prosecutors said that Ross was in the state of Michigan at the time. As a result of the the incident occurring in Michigan, the state of Illinois does not have jurisdiction.

Shortly after the charges were dropped the Blackhawks quickly reinstated Ross.

The Blackhawks issued the following statement:

"On March 23, 2016, the Chicago Blackhawks suspended Garret Ross after learning of a legal proceeding against him, and stated at that time that the suspension was indefinite pending the outcome of the legal process. We learned today, March 29, that the legal process concluded in Illinois with the dismissal of all charges against Garret. As a result, Garret Ross is reinstated with the IceHogs, effective immediately. We will have no further comment on the matter."

In a statement to the the Chicago Tribune, Ross's accuser said she was not happy that charges were dismissed against Ross based on jurisdiction issues. She stated:


I was infuriated when I read about their (the Blackhawks') decision. I was sitting at my desk at work literally shaking I was so mad

You can read her full statement HERE.