Illinois has the dubious distinction of of being the state that can be described as the "Biggest Loser."According new figures released by the US Census Bureau, to the Illinois has lost the most population of any state in the United States. Pennsylvania, with it's growth of  residents has taken the #5 spot from the land of Lincoln and dropped us into 6th place.

So why are people leaving Illinois? You guessed it -- taxes! According to report in Crain's Chicago Business, Governor Rauner's office says there are three primary reasons people are leaving Illinois:

  • high property taxes
  • a mountain of regulations
  • a corrupt government

Here Are The 10 Most Populous States

RankName20102016 2017
4New York19,378,11019,836,28619,849,399
9North Carolina9,535,72110,156,68910,273,419
10Michigan9,884,129  9,933,445  9,962,311


The fastest growing state was Idaho. It's population increased 2.2 percent to 1.7 million from July 1, 2016, to July 1, 2017.

How did our neighbors do? The all grew!

  • Indiana (+0.49%)
  • Wisconsin (0.39%)
  • Missouri (0.47%).

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