Hard to believe, but this season will commemorate the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas. When will it air this year along with a celebration special? Find out here. 


The date for one of my all time favorite Christmas specials is Monday, November 30 on ABC TV. The Charlie Brown Classic will be followed by an all new “It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown.”.

According to Variety Magazine, "The hour will feature live performances from the memorable music of Vince Guaraldi, to Kristen Chenoweth singing “Happiness” from the “Peanuts” Broadway hit, and a performance by Matthew Morrison of an original song, “Just Like Me.” Sarah McLachlan, Boyz II Men and the All-American Boys Chorus are also among the musical guests".

Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

Can't get enough of your animated Christmas specials?

Jesse Grant, Getty Images for Disney

Mark December 10, because ABC will also air the “Toy Story 20th Anniversary Special,” a tribute to the Pixar Animation Studios film that ushered in a new era of computer-generated animation. Producers, animators, technical artists, designers and some of the film’s voice talent will discuss making the film and the impact it had over the years, like Tom Hanks and Tim Allan.  Then right after the Toy Story Special, the original 1995 movie will be on ABC from 8 p.m. till 11 p.m. Central.

Clear your calendar and start stocking up on the holiday cookies.