When you love on your cat, like I do mine, you scratch their heads, rub their noses or hug and kiss their little ears.

Just as we show our love, they have several ways they return their love for us.

Has your cat ever rolled at your feet looking up at you and  flash their tummy? If they have. They do that because they love you and feel safe with you. Showing their belly is dangerous for a cat, it leaves them defenseless.

My cat, Millie, does that to me every morning when I get up and when I come home from work.

If your cat slowly blinks at you. This is another sign they love you. According to iheart cats,this is your cat giving you "kitty kisses".

If they head butt you, it's their way or marking you with their scent and letting everyone know you are theirs. Ha! Millie does that to me all the time.

To read more visit: iheartcats.com

Aww... Now doesn't that make you want to go cuddle up with your cat and love on them?

It does me.

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