43 people have become ill and 17 individuals hospitalized nationally after consuming fruit that was reportedly contaminated with salmonella.

How Do I Know If My Illness Is Due to Salmonella?

Children under 5, elderly people, and those with weakened immune systems are more likely to experience a severe infection from salmonella, according to the FDA.

Illness usually occurs within 12 to 72 hours after eating contaminated food and usually lasts four to seven days. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps.

Salmonella is the most common form of bacterial food poisoning in the United States, according to the Cleveland Clinic.


FDA Investigating Outbreak of Contaminated Fruit

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, there are three brands of cantaloupe that have immediately been recalled.

  • Aldi cantaloupes, and pineapple spears in clamshell packaging with Best-by dates of October 27 and October 31.
  • Whole Fresh Cantaloupes with a "Malachita" and "4050" sticker on it that has a Best-by date between October 16 and 23.
  • Vinyard cantaloupe chunks and cubes, fruit mixes, melon medleys, and fruit cups containing cantaloupe sold between October 30 and November 10.

Contaminated fruit was sold at retail stores in 13 states including Illinois and Wisconsin.

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The FDA warns anyone in these areas not to "eat, sell, or serve recalled cantaloupes," and also reminds consumers, restaurants, and retailers to "check their freezers and throw away recalled fresh or cut cantaloupe that was frozen for later use."

An FDA investigation is currently happening to "determine whether additional products are linked to illnesses."

How Do I Keep Salmonella from Contaminating Food

According to the FDA's advice on safe handling and cleaning during food preparation, you should always "use extra vigilance in cleaning and sanitizing any surfaces and containers that may have come in contact with these products to reduce the risk of cross-contamination."

To see if your cantaloupe is part of this recall, CLICK HERE.

The FDA strongly suggests that if you "cannot tell if your cantaloupe is part of the recall, do not eat or use it and throw it away."

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