There's one Illinois city that has a pretty disgusting dynasty happening for nine straight years landing at the top of a list that no town wants to be on.

Two Illinois, One Wisconsin City Among America's 'Rattiest'

Orkin has released its annual ranking of the most rat-infested cities in the U.S. and of the top 25 on the list, there were 9 cities from the Midwest.

Cities on the Rattiest Cities List are based on the number of new rodent services showcasing the demand and also indicates the efforts that residents and businesses of the top cities have taken to treat rodent issues. -Orkin

Milwaukee was the only city in Wisconsin that made the Top 50 coming in as the 24th most rat-infested in the U.S.

Champaign, Illinois is ranked as the 41st rattiest city in America.

Some of the other rat-infested midwestern cities on the list included South Bend, Indiana (#47), Flint, Michigan (#43), St. Louis (#39), Cincinnati (#31), and Grand Rapids (#25).

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The cities that made the Top 5 "rattiest" in the U.S. remained the same from last year with only two cities swapping positions.

#5 San Francisco

#4 Washington, DC

#3 New York (-1)

#2 Los Angeles (+1)

#1 Chicago

To commemorate the 9th consecutive year as the Rattiest City in America, Orkin is releasing a limited edition T-shirt that no one who is actually from Chicago will want or wear.

Canva, Orkin

To see the complete Top 50 Rattiest Cities in America, CLICK HERE.

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