Can you outguess the former Rockford Lightning Head Coach's picks for this year's final four?

This is one of my favorite times of year for sports. There are so many fun things going on. Baseball is wrapping up spring training and getting ready to start the regular season. The professional hockey and basketball season are well on their way and ramping up to the playoffs. The NFL free-agent signing period has begun and the draft is coming up.

The one sport that tops them all in March is the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Especially, the first round because there are so many games going on at the same time. It is great to just hang out in a sports bar with several televisions and catch as much action as possible.

No matter how much or how little basketball I watched during the regular season, I am still all about filling out a bracket. Usually, mine is pretty bad and I get crushed in my pool. There was one year a long time ago that I won it all but not recently.

Looking at this year's bracket there are some local teams I will cheer for. Of course, I am hoping Illinois wins the championship. They are very good this year and have a good shot. I will also pull for Loyola Chicago. After that, I can root for the Big Ten teams.

For my Final Four, I am going with Illinois, Michigan, Gonzaga, and Baylor. I know it is a copout for picking all number one seeds and that never happens but, in reality, I am all about the Illini and nothing else matters at this point. I am definitely not an expert.

When it comes to basketball, I have one goto guy and that is Chris Daleo, the former head coach of the Rockford Lightning. He has a great knowledge of the game. Everywhere Daleo has coached, he has won, so I trust his opinion though I do not always agree with it.

He is currently working with the national team in Thailand and he joined me to give his insight and predictions for this year's tournament including his final four.

Here is who he picked, Baylor, Gonzaga, Oklahoma State, and Alabama to win it all.

Check out my interview with him where we discussed it.

Video: Former Rockford Lightning Coach Picks His 2021 Final Four

How good are you? Do you think you can "Beat The Expert?" Who is your final four?

You can play along with our "Million Dollar Bracket Challenge." Details are HERE.

Good luck.

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