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I received my stimulus check by way of direct deposit, on Wednesday. I am holding strong to the belief that when I spent it all in a matter of minutes, that it was done in a completely worthwhile manner. It's almost like I didn't even get, BAM it was gone.

Everyone's situation is completely different, I am aware of that. This check could be used in your personal situation, to tie up loose ends or simply make ends meet. While spending it on five pound custom bags of Sour Patch Kids (that would equal 93 , five pound bags by the way) might not be the greatest idea, it's a thought...

Let's do some speed shopping in Rockford, with $1400 in your pocket. The clock is set at 10 minutes, and you need to get close to spending the whole thing. It's more about "where" do you want to spend it, not how. There are so many great Rockford shops that would make for awesome shopping are a few ideas:

  • Rockford Art Deli - 56, "815" t-shirts. You could be some sort of Rockford Ambassador, handing out shirts as a sign of unity...or something.


  • Nunzio's - 32, 20oz Steak Sinatra Meals...This is a delicious way to feed the community. Be sure to wear oversized novelty glasses and post it to social media, that makes it real...or something. 


  • Candle Crest - 87, Rockford Candles. Be the light...or something. 

There, 10 minutes and gone. I'm sure I could come up with more, but I need to work on my story of where my $1400 Stimmy Check went, and it needs to some real...or something.

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