Another great restaurant will be closing down on Sunday. Sycamore's Cabana Charley's is calling it quits.

On a note posted on it's Facebook page on Thursday, Cabana Charley’s restaurant in Sycamore announced that it will close for good Sunday.

The Daily Chronicle newpaper reports that the restaurant located at 1470 S. Peace Road was family-owned establishment  that as known for it's Jambalaya dish, rum buckets, trivia nights, live music and community fundraisers.

Cabana Charley's was a favorite of many residents of the DeKalb-Sycamore Area.

Many people took to Facebook to express their sadness about the closing. One commentator said:

Cabana Charlie's was an awesome place. Went there countless times while I attended NIU and even made a few trips there after I graduated. I am really sorry to hear that the doors will be closed--you will be missed.