They say turkeys can't fly, an obvious hint they've never been to Bryon.

A Byron man shared what happened to his giant inflatable turkey overnight this week. Well, at least this is what he thinks happened and the visual will make you laugh.

Note to self (and anyone else really). If they are calling for high winds unplug your inflatable holiday lawn ornaments. I got up this morning and our big ole inflatable turkey in the front yard is GONE. Not just blown over; freaking disappeared. So if you live on the east of Byron, in Stillman, or, with the heavy winds, Kalamazoo MI and you have a random blow up turkey in your yard, I do apologize!

It's pretty amusing thinking about seeing a massive inflatable turkey blowing down the street, through random yards, and probably floating down the river. The video below isn't the same situation but it's fun watching inflatables hold on for dear life.

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