A major road construction project on Bypass 20 in Rockford, Illinois begins on Monday, May 15, so you better start planning extra time for your daily commute now.

Illinois Road Construction Nightmares

Dealing with road construction in Illinois is a necessary evil during the summer months...We all know this, but it doesn't mean we have to like it.

Woman Construction Worker with Slow Sign

Don't get me wrong, I am all for improving roads that currently cause things to fall off our cars when we drive on them, but nothing puts me in a horrible mood faster than sitting in construction traffic.

Is it because I am too impatient to sit in traffic? Absolutely.


Is it because I'm running late getting where I need to go? Most of the time, yes.

Is it because other drivers think where they need to go is far more important than everyone else? Oh, heck yeah.

Now that I've got you frustrated just thinking about road construction, I must deliver more sucky news...

A major road construction project on Bypass 20 will cause traffic headaches starting this Monday, May 15, and will continue through November 2023.

(Please don't shoot the messenger)

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

Bypass 20 Construction, What You Need to Know

According to mystateline.com, IDOT reports this construction project will reduce Bypass 20 to single lanes from Alpine Road to the Rock River.  (Lord, please give me strength)

The project will include milling and resurfacing not only Bypass 20, but the 251/11th Street Interchange ramps as well. (expect to see several detours) Work will also be done on the guardrails and lighting will be upgraded.

More Unfortunate Rockford Construction News

As you begin planning alternate routes so you can avoid the construction mess on the Bypass, please remember that a major resurfacing project is happening on South Alpine Road from Harrison Avenue to Charles Street too.

It's going to be super fun driving in Rockford this summer. (Insert sarcastic face here). Good luck, and drive carefully!

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