Burger King recently released a new Whopper sandwich for Halloween that is proving to be wicked in more ways than one.

WGN reports that "the burger chain (in select markets) recently unveiled its 'A1 Halloween Whopper', which is served on a dark bun. The new burger, is also baked with A1 sauce, that goes in one color and comes out another.

In their Twitter unveiling, Burger King said, "Something wicked is coming."

However, just having a dark bun changing colors from the A1 Sauce, wasn't the only thing wicked about this sandwich. Many who have purchased this A1 Halloween Whopper, discovered something else. The whopper, after passing through your digestive system, appears to turn and leave a green substance in your toilet bowl.

Yep, you guessed it. You'll poop green stuff after ingesting the A1 Halloween Whopper. Wow!

Some according to this WGN article, have complained of feeling ill afterwards but many have complained, or rather freaked out, at the green poop. Now, the green poop is becoming something of a trend. People are attracted to trying the sandwich just because you'll poop green stuff.

It's kind of funny don't you think?

Would you eat this sandwich?

I guess for me. I would as long as I had no other side effects besides green poop.

If it has side effects like those chips they cooked in Olestra, well then NO I wouldn't.