In the battle of fast food burger giants, McDonald's has always had the Happy Meal. My kids have grown up eating them. The gimmick, of course, is the toy inside. They partner with movies, TV shows, and other things your kids love to beg you for. Well, Burger King has finally had enough and gone a different route for their meal deal.

Happy Meals are made for kids because let's face it, adults aren't always happy. So Burger King has introduced what they call 'Real Meals'. They're based on other moods that adults can certainly identify with!

The new meals include a Whopper, fries and a drink. They come in the following moods: Pissed, Blue, Salty, Yaaas, and my personal favorite, DGAF. Yes, these are adult themed meals and the boxes are hilarious!

The really cool thing about the whole thing is that Burger King has teamed up with Mental Health America to talk about why adults aren't 'happy' all the time. Yes, they're trolling McDonald's but it's for all the right reasons. The worst thing about this is that the boxes are only available at a small number of stores this month.


[via Chewboom]

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