While you may not have been excited when McDonald's dumped cheeseburgers from Happy Meals, this change will leave you feeling happy.

Happy... like Happy Meals should!

Growing up in the 90s, McDonald's was the best.

On my birthday, my mom would bring me McDonald's to school, on Halloween, too and Reuonce my other siblings were old enough to drive, McDonald's was one of our first stops.

Those trips mostly included Happy Meals, which always had an amazing Happy Meal toy.

But, did you know that in 2006 McDonald's and Disney broke their Happy Meal toy partnership?


According to Reuters, when McDonald's changed their menu in 2006, Disney stopped working with them on Happy Meal toys, but get excited, because Disney toys are coming back!

Starting in June, your kids will score Disney toys featuring their favorite Disney movies and characters.

I'll probably need some chicken nuggets around June, too.

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